Monday, June 4, 2012

Motivational Monday in the Golden Triangle

Here at Naturefied, we like to start the week out with a punch! Motivational Monday will be a series of photos of a given location in the world. Most are places that I dream of visiting and experiencing. Hopefully this will provide some extra motivation to all of you to get through the difficult day and week ahead.  It is always good to remember how to dream and to hope to make that an eventual reality.  All of the hard work that you do, whatever it may be, does pay off.  I hope that you all get to experience many of these wonderful places for yourselves.  If you are not able to at this point in time, do not fear.  One day you will make it there.

So let's get started!!!

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Read about all of Angkor UNESCO Heritage Site

Angkor Wat in Cambodia © Getty Images
Angkor Wat architecture - courtesy of
Angkor Wat architecture - courtesy of

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