Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bird Symbols in Flags

american flag, old glory
United States Flag - Wikipedia

Since today happens to be Flag Day, I thought it would be fun to write a post on bird symbols in flags from around the world.  Yes, I understand that Flag Day is for Old Glory but why can't we have some fun and have a look at some flags that we aren't familiar with?  Let's make it an Avian Flag Day.  Note: not every single flag with a bird symbol is mentioned below.  Some have been omitted.

bird on albania flag, albania flag, flag of albania meaning, bird symbol
Flag of Albania - Wikipedia

 Our first flag with a bird symbol is the daunting flag of Albania. The bird of the Albania flag is the blaring insignia of a double-headed eagle.  It is said that Albanian nationalists used this bird as a symbol of independence from the Ottoman Empire during their struggles in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

bird on ecuador flag, bird on flag, ecuador flag, bird symbol, meaning of ecuador flag
Flag of Ecuador - Wikipedia

 The Ecuadoran flag with birds is one of my favorite bird symbol representatives. It shows us the image of a perched Andean condor on the country's coat of arms.  It is considered the National Bird of Ecuador and is watching over the nation with its wings outstretched, symbolizing the power and courage of the country.  Notice that the bird is also on the lookout, ready to attack immediately if necessary.

bird on egypt flag, egypt flag, bird on flag, meaning of egypt flag, bird symbol
Flag of Egypt - Wikipedia

The flag of Egypt bears the national symbol, the Eagle of Saladin. Saladin was a sultan in the 12th century who recaptured Jerusalem for Egypt and Syria from the Crusaders.  There is a detail on this flag that one may not have noticed at a quick glance.  At the base of the bird symbol, there is a scroll with some Arabic text written across it.  The text translates to "Arab Republic of Egypt."

bird on guatemala flag, bird on flag, guatemala flag, meaning of guatemala flag, bird symbols
Flag of Guatemala - Wikipedia

Of all the flags with bird symbols that we are exploring for Flag Day, this one has to be my favorite.  The flag of Guatemala proudly dons the Central American country's national bird, the Resplendent Quetzal.  This tropical bird was considered divine in Aztec and Mayan lore. It is a symbol of liberty to the Guatemalan people because it is said that when it is caged, this bird often kills itself.

bird on kiribati flag, bird on flag, kiribati flag, great frigatebird, bird symbols
Flag of Kiribati - Wikipedia

I am sure some folks do not even know the location of Kiribati.  You can find this group of islands in the Central Pacific Ocean near the equator.  This flag with birds shows one of my favorite avian friends that I have seen in person, the Frigatebird.  I had the pleasure of watching a great Frigatebird soar over the Gulf of Mexico in such a graceful manner yet filling the air with its dominating presence.  The Frigatebird on this flag is meant to represent freedom, power, and command of the sea.  An appropriate bird symbol for Kiribati.

bird on mexico flag, bird on mexican flag, mexican flag, story of tenochtitlan, story of mexico flag
Flag of Mexico - Wikipedia

One of my favorite flags of all the world is the Mexican flag.  That image in the center of this flag with birds is the story of a nation.  The bird symbol of the eagle is perched upon a prickly pear cactus with a snake in its mouth and in the grasp of its talons.  Legend has it that the Aztec people were told by their Gods to search for and build their city where this same event was to occur.  It ended up being the site for the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan (present day Mexico City) which was built over Lake Texcoco.

bird on uganda flag, bird on ugandan flag, bird on flag, uganda flag, bird symbols
Flag of Uganda - Wikipedia

 Located inside of the white sphere on the flag of Uganda is the national symbol, the Grey Crowned Crane.  It represents the diverse wildlife found in this African nation, as well as its gentle nature being a reflection of the Ugandan people.

Hope everyone enjoyed this Flag Day themed post on flags with bird symbols. I thank you all for visiting and for your support.  If you learn something before you close out this page then my goal has been accomplished.




  1. Nice job it must of taken awhile to gather the information

  2. Nice job it must of taken awhile to gather the information