Monday, June 18, 2012

Fallingwater on Motivational Monday

This Motivational Monday takes us to southwest Pennsylvania. Located approximately 50 miles outside of Pittsburgh is Frank Lloyd Wright's masterpiece, Fallingwater.  It's construction was completed in 1939.  If you have never heard of Fallingwater, it is an architectural wonder.  It actually has a waterfall flowing through the house!  How would you all like to be sitting in your living room with your feet up on the ottoman, watching crystal clear water flow through your house?  You could even return that nature ambiance maker.

It is always great to start off the week with something fun and inspirational.  I hope this post about Fallingwater inspires people to go out and do whatever it is that they want to accomplish. Don't let anyone tell you it can not be done.  If they do, go out and prove them wrong.  Go and defy the odds and build your own house across a 30 foot waterfall. 

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Fallingwater, Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling water, Pittsburgh
Fallingwater  -  Courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

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